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davis_snark's Journal

Davis Square Snarkarama
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Snarking Davis Square and Davis Meta
Fostering Love and Brotherhood in the Davis Square Community through Backstabbing and Snark Since 2007


1) Keep it to Davis Square, Teele Square, davis_square, davis_meta and, what the hell, let's throw Union Square into the mix because people seem to never stop posting about it in a community about Davis Square.

2) Abide by LJ's TOS, but otherwise, anything goes. This isn't a safe space and we don't play nice.

3) No porn (we call this the anomie666 rule).

4) No trashing ron_newman. You cannot take him.

5) No whining, either to the mods or in the comm. In the comm you will just be made fun of, and your pleas to the mods will, generally, fall on deaf ears. Part of the reason this comm is here is so you don't have to deal with this crap on davis_square, so be grateful.

6) As a collorary to Rule 5, take the butthurt somewhere else. Remember, this is the Internet. Save your anger and frustration for something that actually MATTERS.

7) Make it FUNNY, for God's sake. The entire idea is COMEDY. Serious debates can play out in the comments below but unfunny posts will get snarked (just ask thetathx1138.)

8) Don't use sockpuppets for comm drama. It's just really, really sad.

It's really hard to get banned around here: your mods have lengthy records of being cheerfully publicly obnoxious and we're not hypocrites. If you're pushing it, we'll let you know in comments. If a post is egregious (i.e. not funny and violating the rules above), we'll let you know. By making fun of you. A LOT.

Here's a FAQ: http://community.livejournal.com/davis_snark/21899.html?

Your gods, er, mods:

And here's a memorial portrait of the creators, if you see us on the street, say hi!

And our awesome icon, which sums up our mission so well, is courtesy sparkgrrl658